Delivery of malting barley seed material for III Field Day of malting, kvass and beer brewing industry of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (2013-03-21)

Malting barley seed material of the varieties included in the State Register of Selection Achievements and the varieties/strains which are on the State variety trials, should be delivered till 15.04.2013 in the amount of 5 kg (variety/strain) to ZAO Artel to the address: RF, 306230, Kursk region, Oboyan, ul. Lenina 94. Responsible for collection of seed material on the part of ZAO Artel is Antipov V.V., tel: +7-903-027-16-33; on the part of BMBU – Rubtsov A.V., tel: +7-910-977-82-62.

We kindly remind you that varieties/strains of the BMBU member companies are tested free of charge. The cost of testing in triple repetition with a full complex of protective measures (size of plots 1-1,5 x 10 meters) for the companies, which are not BMBU members, is 10 thousand rubles/variety. A discount of 25% is provided for trials of the second variety, 50% – for trials of the third and each following variety.

In attachment you will find the scheme of plots and the registration form for the Field Day.

Scheme 2013

Registration form Field Day

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