Drobiz Vadim Iosifovich


Military Engineer-Mathematician

Head of the Russian Regional and Federal Alcohol Markets Studies Center

Date of birth: 14.04.1959, Moscow

1974 -1976 – Nakhimov Naval School (St. Petersburg)
1976-1981 – Popov Higher Naval Radio Electronic School (specialty: automated control system mathematical support; qualification: military engineer-mathematician)
1981-1997 – Technical and command duty in the Naval Analytical Centre

Work Experience:
1991-1992 – Management and Innovation Centre of the Young People’s Institute (former Higher Komsomol School, Moscow)
1991-1996 – Distribution of fast moving consumer goods in commercial entities
1997-1998 – Head of East -West representative office in Russia of the corporation “Dovgan – Protected Quality” (production and sale of alcohol and food products); Regional and International Relations Manager; Sales Manager of the corporation (St. Petersburg; Moscow)
1998-2001 – Chief Executive Officer of the company “Vinar” (a group of the companies “Sever” – import, alcohol production and sale); Sales Manager of the conglomerate “Sever”, Moscow)
2001-2002 – Deputy Director General for Development of the Trading House “Kristall” (alcohol product sales); Vice-President of the Union of Russian Alcohol Producers (based on “Russian Distillery Industry”, Moscow)
2002-2003 – Head of Moscow representative office of the Industrial company “Ladoga” (alcohol product sales, Moscow)
2003-2005 – A Member of the Board of Directors of the Holding company “Wine World”; Sales and Marketing Director, Moscow)
2005- 2007 – Head of the Information Department of SUAR Union of Wine and Spirit Producers, the Analyst of the Alcohol Market and Information Policy of the Union
December 2007 – to present: Head of the Russian Regional and Federal Alcohol Markets Studies Center. A Leading Expert of the Russian alcohol market.

From 2005 – published over 850 analytical articles touching upon alcohol market problems
From August 2007 issued 26 Quarterly Reports for public authorities, owners and top managers of the alcohol and investment companies (Russian and foreign)
In youth engaged in sport activities (row sport): USSR ex-champion (1977, 1978); USSR master of sport. In 1983-1990 was deeply involved in children’s literature (poetry), over 400 children’s verses were published in all-Union and republican printed sources (“Pioneer”, “Koster”, “Murzilka” etc.); scenarios for kidvid, poems putting to children’s songs and so on.

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