About IREKS Company (2014-01-23)

It was a master baker and brewer from Kulmbach who laid the foundation stone for the IREKS Company more than 160 years ago: Johann Peter Ruckdeschel. We have not only preserved and maintained his pioneering spirit, but have carried this on.

Today, the name of the company is still inextricably linked to the founder:
IREKS = Johann Ruckdeschel et Söhne, Kulmbach

A lot has changed since 1856, however until today, the aim of creating valuable foundations for healthy nutrition has remained. Trust can be placed in this – and this again and again, day after day.

Modern IREKS malthouses in Europe for the optimum supply of our customers

Malthouses in Germany and Austria with highly efficient logistics enable the scheduled supply of our customers.

  • IREKS malthouses in Kulmbach with a processing capacity of around 350 t per day
  • IREKS malthouses in Sulzbach-Rosenberg with a processing capacity of around 80 t per day
  • IREKS malthouses in Schweinfurt with a processing capacity of around 125 t per day
  • STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik in Vienna with a processing capacity of around 350 t per day
  • STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik in Graz with a processing capacity of around 250 t per day
  • Worldwide logistic possibilities by road, rail or sea, in bulk or in bags
  • IREKS Group supplies to breweries at home and abroad

The milestones of the company history


The master baker and brewer Johann Peter Ruckdeschel begins to establish his own malthouse and brewery business after his return from America.


His son, Johann Andreas Ruckdeschel, lays the foundation stone for the present-day headquarters, in his day on the green fields outside the gates of the town of Kulmbach.


Construction of the first pneumatic Saladin Box malting plant in Kulmbach to improve the well-known, high quality standards of IREKS malts.

1960 – 1970

The new large-capacity silo is erected in the Lichtenfelser Straße in Kulmbach together with a further Saladin Box malting plant which have been modernised continuously until today.

1970 – 1990

Installation of the first combined germination / kilning malthouse with a two-floor kiln for consequent energy recovery and gentle production the classiest smooth Pilsner Malts.

Implementation of one of the first gas-powered combined heat and power units.

Acquisition of the majority of shares of the STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik in Vienna, Austria.

1990 – 2000

Foreign markets and international branches are becoming more and more important. Today, the IREKS Group does business in more than 90 countries, but always maintaining the charm of a family-related traditional company.

IREKS takes over the former UNIMA malthouse and, in this way, has a further site in Kulmbach for the production of the finest malts.

2000 – 2010

Takeover of the Sulzbacher Malzfabrik in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which is located in the heart of the Upper Palatinate brewing barley belt, and the improvement of this, following the most modern aspects.

Integration of the Meussdoerffer-Malz Group and development of the site in Kulmbach into an exquisite facility for the production of aromatic caramel, roasted and speciality malts for bulk loading or for fully-automatic bag-filling and palletising suitable for high-rack warehouses.

2010 up to now

IREKS incorporates the modern Malzfabrik Schweinfurt with its production site at the dockside and therefore, via the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, has direct access to the European network of waterways from Rotterdam on the North Sea to Constanta on the Black Sea.

Even more than 160 years after the company was founded, IREKS still sees itself as a global family of companies dedicated to customer and service, with malthouses in Germany and Austria, where the unique company culture guarantees what customers are promised:

Naturally the Best.

The philosophy of the IREKS Group is supported by three pillars, which, at the same time, represent the basis of our daily work: Continuity of thought and actions, competence in all areas and working together in partnership.


Vision has led IREKS through more than one and a half centuries of eventful history. It is due to forward-looking investments in innovative technology and in the development of new markets that IREKS, to a great extent, thanks its present position.

The interaction of tradition and progress leaves its mark on our company and, as a result, on our employees. Everyone endeavours to do good things better and to create enjoyment and variety in repeatedly new facets.

Whoever thinks long-term is aware of his responsibility towards nature, however. Because it is only when we understand the earth as a valuable partner that future generations will be able to live in harmony with it.


To have competence and to develop further in a permanent way, this is what drives the IREKS family all around the globe.

Competence is shown, for example, in the careful choice of all our raw materials, something which already begins during the contracted cultivation of the grain. It is continued in the close to market development of attractive product concepts and recipes with creative marketing ideas as well as the use of the most modern technology in our production and in our laboratories. We also show competence with our service: Our customers are looked after exclusively by highly-qualified experts within their fields.

In this way, everything intermingles in an optimum way and we can offer our customers the services they expect from us. For: 100 % IREKS means 100 % quality. And 100 % safety for the consumer. We regard it as our entrepreneurial responsibility to do business in this way.


All our ideas and recipes would be worth nothing if you did not exist – our partners. Under the motto “Together we are strong”, we take care of our partnerships within and outwith our company – often covering many years and decades.

Thus, we deal with the challenges together and pass on knowledge and experience from generation to generation. To achieve this, every individual in the company makes an important contribution at his workplace to the whole and, with his commitment, makes sure that the IREKS Group will also remain a special company family in the future.


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