Deputies of CPRF, A Just Russia Party and LDPR oppose the return of beer advertising. (2014-07-03)

According to the address of the President of the Union A. Mordovin to leaders of the State Duma factions about prevention of beer advertising in Russian mass media and stadiums, voting results in the first reading were deplorable for creators of the Bill who didn’t bargain for a solid agreement among other parties (CPRF, A Just Russia Party and LDPR) which was evidence of society’s support of our Union activity focused on 3”K” rules:

–   Consumption Culture

–   Product quality

–   State Control

51% of deputies voted for the Bill and the rest deputies and all factions countervoted.

You can find voting results below:

Распределение голосов депутатов

We’d like to thank Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Gennady Zyuganov and Sergey Mironov for support!

On 2d of July A. Mordovin addressed again to the Chairman of the State Duma S.E. Naryshkin, A.G. Khloponin responsible for alcohol industry and leaders of all factions with a request to prevent the return of beer advertising.

We are waiting for the decision of the State Duma and a viewpoint of the Government of the RF.

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