Results of All-Russia Agricultural Conference 2015 (2015-02-17)

In February 11, All-Russia Agricultural Conference “Crop Industry Activity Results 2014; Implementation of the State Program for Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Markets in 2013-2020” took place in the Ministry of Agriculture. This meeting was opened by the Minister of Agriculture of the RF Nikolay Fedorov.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, executive authorities, regional administrations, Heads of the Russian Agricultural Center and the State Varity Commission, members of branch unions and associations and industrial periodicals took part in the conference.

The following topics have been discussed during the conference: state participation in efficiency improvement of the crop industry; new ways for supporting of agricultural producers; introduction of innovation technologies, taking into account biologizing of farming, agro-landscape characteristics and use of new high-performing equipment, mineral fertilizers and crop protecting agents; development prospects for domestic selection and seed production; industry development followed by reducing of negative influence of phytosanitary, natural environment and climatic risks on agriculture.

There were exhibitions devoted to achievements of the national science and practice in the crop industry.

The following materials of the conference are available by reference:

Shorthand report of the Minister of Agriculture of the RF N.V. Fedorov;

Program of All-Russia Agricultural Conference;

Report of the Head of the Plant-Growing Department P.A. Chekmarev;

A.G. Kharchenko: Ways for increasing of agriculture profitability;

A.B. Bodin, the Union of Sugar Producers: Prospects for development of the beet-sugar sub-complex of the RF;

V.S. Voloshchenko, FSBI “Gossortcommission”: State trials of agricultural plants – a guarantee of the successful variety agricultural policy of the RF;

G.P. Gamzikov, the Novosibirsk State Agricultural University of the Russian Academy of Science: Current problems of mineral nutrition optimization of field crops in Siberian farming;

B.I. Gribanov, the Department of Agriculture in the Bryansk Region: Development of potato farming in Bryansk;

– D.N. Govorov, FSBI “Rosselkhozcenter”: The role of FSBI “Rosselkhozcenter” in crop development and prospective lines for service rendering to agricultural producers;

– R.M. Vilfand, V.A. Dolgiy-Trach, RosGidroMet: Anticipated conditions of winter crops in spring 2015 and facilities for carrying out of seasonal field operations;

– V.P. Egorov, the Agricultural Department of the Stavropol Territory: Preparations for spring field works in this year in Stavropol;

– JSC “Sberbank of Russia”: Program for financing of seasonal field works;

– Activity of JSC “Rosagroleasing” in technological modernization of the agricultural complex;

– I.I. Kaluzhsky, the Russian Association of Fertilizer Material Producers: Situation in the market of mineral fertilizers;

– Development of selection and seed-production centers for vegetable crops under implementation of the State Program 2013-2020;

– I.M. Kulikov, All-Russia Selection and Technological Institute for Horticulture: Development prospects for domestic horticulture;

– O.G. Nazarenko, the State Agrochemical Service Center “Rostovsky”: The role of agrochemical service in crop provision as an example of Rostov Region;

– V.S. Pashtetsky, Crimea Scientific and Research Agricultural Institute: Development of the crop industry in Crimea;

– D.P. Putyatin, the Department of Land Reclamation: Land reclamation as one of successful formulas for performance of sustainable crop production;

– N.A. Revenko, LLC “Voronezhselmash”: Modern technologies and facilities for seed treatment;

– A.M. Uskov, the Russian Union of Producers of Crop Protection Chemicals: Ways for crop protecting in 2015;

– Development prospects for gardening in Kabardino-Balkaria;

– S.Yu. Shchukin: Modern technologies for outdoor vegetables growing by the example of multicorporate enterprise “Dmitrov vegetables”.

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