Cooperation of BMU with OAO Baltika Breweries, the Soufflet Group, Heineken United Breweries Ltd (2012-03-22)

The President of Barley and Malt Union (BMU) A. Mordovin made a working visit to St. Petersburg and held meetings with:

  • C.I.S. Regional Manager of the Soufflet company Vincent Graille,
  • Procurement Manager of OAO Baltika Breweries A. Govorova,
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer Ronald Lucassen,
  • Supply Chain Support & Development Director Christian Eilenberger,
  • Procurement Manager of Heineken United Breweries Ltd. A. Tykheev.

In the course of the meetings the issues of BMU cooperation with the above-named companies within the terms of the agreement on cooperation with the Union of Russian Brewers were discussed: the arrangement of the IV-th International Conference “The raw material base for malting and brewing production” and the II-nd Field Day of Malting and Brewing Industry in Russia. As an important part of the negotiations, the issues of interaction between the “malting barley – beer” chain participants with the object of consolidation and common interests defense, were discussed.

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