USAIS and licensing – there’s no going back (2015-06-03)

Even in 2013 in our analytical article “Licensing and USAIS” and “Introduction of USAIS system for production, wholesale supply and beer import”, we called attention of representatives of the industry to tightening of legislation of alcohol industry directed to prevention of the illegal brewing market. We consider introduction of USAIS system and licensing to be necessary instruments for effective state regulation of alcohol producers.

Russian Brewers’ Union made several attempts to prevent introduction of USAIS and licensing, moreover, they continue to do it. Recently, they tried to impose moratorium on ISAIS by including this point to the measure list in order to optimize non-tax payment and additional requirements to business, proposed by the Ministry for Economic Development. 20 positions were included into the list for imposing of moratorium till January 1, 2019.

The Government of the RF didn’t approve proposals of the Ministry for Economic Development.  

Licensing and USAIS systems were offered by the President of our Union A. Mordovin as the most important steps towards effective state regulation, production and circulation of brewing products and sent to the Government of the RF:

According to the draft law, information about production and circulation volumes of beer, beer-based beverages, cider, perry and mead shall be recorded in USAIS. There must be cash registers with special software in all stores, transferring information about every sold bottle to USAIS. Now, only strong alcohol is recorded in USAIS system.  

In June 3, 2015 there was a meeting of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Innovation and Enterprise. The Draft Federal Law No 686588-6 “Concerning Amending of the Federal Law “On State Regulation of Alcohol Production and Circulation and Limiting of Alcohol Consumption” in terms of improving of alcohol accounting system, approved in the first reading in 25.02.2015, has been studied within the meeting.

Later it was corrected and planning to come into force in July 1, 2015.

By the statement of the Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation V.V. Spirin, enacting of legislation in Crimea will be postponed for six months by request of the Crimea Administration. Producers of household chemical and sanitary goods will not fall under this law.

V.V. Spirin told, that at present time, there was a pilot project for recording beer in USAIS system with 7 thousand cash registers in 2 thousand stores.

According to the draft law, the following items will not be fixed in USAIS: beer, cider, perry and mead production up to 300 thousand dL; alcohol production in towns with a population of less than 3 thousand, without internet, producers of wine and champagne from own grape and retail sale of beer, cider, perry and mead.

Studying of the draft law in the second reading is planned for June 17. The draft law will come into force from the moment of its publication with transition period of three months.

Corrected version of the draft law is here.

The draft law in the first reading is available by reference.

The draft law in the second reading is available by reference.

It is also worth noting that introduction of USAIS system will allow confiscating unrecorded beer

Presentation “Introduction of USAIS in the Alcohol Retail Sector” of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation is here

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