New members of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union in Russia (2016-02-09)

We’d like to inform you that a company “Saaten-Union” became a member of our Union.

SAATEN-UNION: Breeding for the future!

We live in a time of shortage of resources, changes in climate, the necessity of feeding a continuously growing world population and the increasing cultivation of renewable resources. One result of this current situation is that proper plant breeding has become a top priority.
SAATEN-UNION GmbH was founded in 1965 and is an association of seven medium-sized plant-breeding enterprises with more than 100 years of breeding experience behind them. The company makes energy-efficient and healthy varieties of seeds available for all European crop-growing areas. The secret of their success is practical down-to-earth experience, technological leadership and an unparalleled genetic range of more than 60 agricultural grain varieties.

Exchange of know-how means greater know-how

SAATEN-UNION has cash crops but also a large variety of grains specially adapted to particular regions. The company takes the know-how of the most diverse areas and combines them efficiently with each other. It makes use of modern genetics to achieve an expanded and sustainable crop rotation. SAATEN-UNION partners are well known for their plant breeding innovations, for example, the development of robust hybrid varieties or the different climate-resistant grains developed for our European latitudes.

SAATEN-UNION’s strategy is to concentrate at each breeding station on a few intensively treated plant varieties. Rape, peas as well as hybrid and standard ryes are bred and treated together in cooperation with special partners and in their own associated companies.

Biotechnology for farmers, consumers and environment

Plant breeding and the technology related to it, such as that of the double haploid or the marker-supported selection, are among the most important key technologies of our day. What is important is the benefit for the farmer and for the consumer, on the premise of a sustainable production. Company goal is, with the help of new technologies, to develop still greater crop yields, even healthier and higher quality varieties. SAATEN-UNION now has one of the biggest and most advanced biotechnological laboratories for plant breeding in Germany and so they are well equipped for the future.

From professionals for professionals

The SAATEN-UNION partners are themselves actively involved in farming. The result of their practical everyday experience is the development of varieties which fulfill their highest agricultural expectations. A unique European testing network is available to SAATEN-UNION breeders and makes it additionally possible for them to provide the suitable variety for each and every crop-growing condition.

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