Beer – Sample Purchase (2016-10-27)


Presidents of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union and Consumer’s Right Protection Union Alexander Mordovin and Pavel Shapkin began cooperating upon selection (nomination) of brewing products for the competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” – Sample Purchase.

According to the rules of the competition, any brewing company, producing beer in the RF or outside but distributing it in the RF, can be nominated to the “Sample Purchase”.

Nomination is carried out according to a standard “lottery” method, when some nominees (two or more) are chosen from the list of all brewing companies. 

Organizers can include companies to the nominees’ list in accordance with application forms from the RF citizens – consumers of brewing products. So, it is necessary to send a written request to

 After defining of nominees, the Control Committee of the “ROSGLAVPIVO” will purchase a wide range of products of nominated companies in Moscow retail outlets and provide it to foreign expert jury of the competition. The tasting will take place from 15th to 17th of January 2017 in one of the Moscow hotels. 

Beer samples purchased by the Control Commission will be divided in to three parts: for the competition, for the Scientific and research centre “Weihenstephan” of the Munich Technical University and for keeping it by organizers of the competition till expiration of the distribution period in order to recheck.

What will independent experts from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and Italy say about organoleptic characteristics of nominated beers?

We often hear in the media that Russian beer….. and here are quotations:

There are hundreds of similar comments in the internet and hundreds of thousands of consumers – commentators…

So, is Russian beer not suitable for drinking? We’d like to putdown all rumors and hope that things are not so bad with Russian beer. But as the saying goes it is necessary to confirm or disprove fantasies and fables in the mass media.

For this purpose we invited independent foreign experts who will answer many questions, including: 

Do characteristics on the sticker, including beer category, alcohol content, ect. fit with actual state of things?

Does beer in PET containers come short of quality if compare to the same in the glass?

Do some beer producers deceive Russian consumers?

Is it true that beer, distributed under global brands in Russia and Europe – two different products?

Do quality characteristics of beer, awarding medals at prestigious European competitions fit with a product distributed in Russia?

In case of “no” to the last question, Consumers’ Right Protection Union will address to organizers of European competitions to initiate the procedure of awards depriving and revoking of medals.

One of the key conditions of participation in the European competitions, including “ROSGLAVPIVO” is providing of commercially-scaled beers in the same package and quality characteristics.  

In truth, we are themselves interested in results. Selection of nominees for the “ROSGLAVPIVO” – Sample Purchase will take place in November 9, 2016 within BrauBeviale in Nurnberg. 

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