“Beer – Sample purchase”: beer’s been purchased, the Expert Jury’ll give answers (2016-11-22)

According to the requests of website visitors www.barley-malt.ru we defined companies – participants of “ROSGLAVPIVO” – Sample Purchase” and purchased beers “light pasteurized barley beer” of 20 Russian and foreign brewing companies, packed in 0,5l. glass bottles. These beers will be presented to the International Expert Jury in order to select the best beer and its producer.

The company that will win the “Sample Purchase” will be able to use his title for promotional purposes. There are many legends about beer, produced and distributed at the territory of the RF.

According to the comments of one of the visitors of our website, we’ll call the stage “Sample Purchase” as “Beer – destroyers of the Legend”. 

It bears noting that “Sample Purchase” doesn’t pursue punishment aims, so results of this stage will be given to mass media and the Government authorities anonymously, with individual numbers.

According to the addresses of the Consumer’s Right Protection Union and citizens of our country, the following questions will be discussed within the “Sample Purchase” – Beer- destroyers of the Legend”.  

  1. “International brand: Original VS Made in Russia”

Do brewing products made in the RF by international brewing divisions and the similar production made in European countries differ from each other? Besides, the key purpose of the experts is to find or not the differences.

So, representatives of the Union purchased beer of transnational companies: 10 popular beer brands in accordance with statistic data: http://barley-malt.ru/?cat=93&lang=en.

Then, by a blind tasting method, the Expert Jury will compare beers, besides in order to keep an unbiased approach to participants of “ROSGLAVPIVO” , three beer samples (Russian and foreign), one of which is a test sample, will be provided to the Expert Jury. What will be the verdict? Are there any differences and what beer is the best?

Additionally, we purchased 10 alcohol free beer samples as compared to Clausthaler Classic Premium Alkoholfrei. What will the Expert Jury say? Will German be better?    

  1. “Beer shall be used fresh!”

Do organoleptic characteristics of the brewing products drop as time passed? So, single-brand beers of Russian and international companies, packed in different containers, including PET with different production date have been purchased. “Age” of beers, packed in glass and cans will be 12-6-1 month by 16th of January 2017 and in PET – 6-3-1 month. Also beer with expired date will participate in the competition.

Besides, in order to keep an unbiased approach to participating companies, we’ll divide beer according to the package and brand, so three single-brand beers of the age of 12/6/1 and for PET 6/3/1 will be provided to the Expert Jury in an anonymous form in order to compare beers and define its age. Will experts manage to find differences?        

  1. “Cheap beer is also good!”

Unfortunately, many beer consumers in our country cannot afford expensive beer as well as a mid-range segment product. They believe that “If there is no difference, what for to pay more?”

According to the statistic data and beer division to the price bracket (refer to http://barley-malt.ru/?cat=92&lang=en), we purchased beers with different prices “light pasteurized barley beer” of 10 largest Russian brewing companies, including the cheapest beer in PET container – 5l. All beer samples have a similar bottling date. Will experts be able to find the cheapest beer and will a beer price fit with its quality (organoleptic characteristics)? What beer will be the best cheap beer?

  1. “The best package – glass!”

Many beer lovers, including elderly consumers, remembering the taste of “real” Zhigulevsky beer, believe that the best beer is after storage beer Pilsner Urquell or at least keg beer and as a second-best – a dark glass bottle.

Unfortunately, Prague is too far (refer to the Conference “Сzech brewing traditions: trip results), so we purchased single-brand brewing products of different Russian and foreign companies, packed in various containers (a glass bottle, can and PET) with a similar bottling date (by the tasting procedure, it will be near three months). Will experts be able to define beer, bottled to different containers and what beer will be the best?   

  1. “All that Russian likes – German…”?

Today, we observe a bright spot – Russian beer conquers foreign countries, high-fed by plenty of beers. Why are foreign consumers voting for Russian beer? Is it just patriotism or high quality? (the key consumers – citizens of former CIS countries, but we all know that patriotism doesn’t fill a man. May be, another beer is made for European countries?    

So, we purchased beers of 5 companies in one of the chains for Russians Mix Markt in Germany, that will be provided to the Expert Jury as well as similar products distributed in the RF. What experts will say? Is it really so? All that Russian likes, German…”?

We’d like to inform additionally, if you wish to ask the Expert Jury something else, please address to organizing Unions: info@rosglavpivo.com.

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