Sandra Ganzenmuller

Beer sommelier. PR-professional and an owner of a PR-agency specialized on food, beverages and lifestyle, the Chief Editor of the beer magazine bier.pur

Who am I?

I, Sandra Ganzenmüller, have studied nutrition science at the technical university of Munich in Freising-Weihenstephan, and during the study I get in contact to a lot of brew masters. They introduced me to the fantastic and exiting world of beer. From that time on my passion for beer (production, tasting and gathering special beers) grow continuously and finally I attend the Doemens course to become a “Biersommelier” in April 2008 with success.

What else?

In my daily job I work as PR-professional and am owner of a PR-agency specialised on food, beverages and lifestyle with seven employees on staff. Among our clients you will find a lot of breweries as well as three associations from the brewing branch. One of them is the association called Die Freien Brauer – independent family owned breweries, the Deutsche Brauer-Bund as well as the Private Brauereien Bayern. We have also supported the Doemens academy in PR during the four sommelier’s world championship in beer skills. Beside that, I am instructor at the Doemens Academy and teach the young and upcoming brewers in PR.

I also consider it to be important to build up a strong association of beer sommeliers and therefore I am part of the presidium as communication manager of the beer sommelier association. 

My experience in beer tasting
– Permanent judge at the European Beer Star, Germany, since 2009. 2011 and 2016 as co-table-captain
– Judge at the World Beer Cup 2012 in San Diego, CA, 2014 in Denver, CO, and 2016 in Philadelphia, PY, USA, there as table-captain
– Judge at the International Meininger Award, Germany, 2015, 2016 and nominated for 2017
– Judge at and German ambassador for the Brussels Challenge in 2013, 2014, 2015 and nominated for 2016
– Judge at the Nordic Beer Challenge in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2016
– beerbook writer
– editor-in-chief for a beer magazine called bier.pur Germany 

Personal facts & figures

I am 46 years old and live in Freising nearby Munich within the famous hop region “Hallertau”.

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