Field Day “Intensive gardening, viticulture and hop growing in Russia” (2017-07-07)

Association of Fruit, Berries and Planting Material Producers, Viticulture and Winemakers’ Union and Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union are organizing a joint Field Day “Intensive gardening, viticulture and hop growing in Russia” that will take place in July 25, 2017, LLC “KIS”, the Krasnodar Territory, Leningradsky district, Bichevy v., Krasnaya st., 1.

Representatives of the leading industry Unions are planning to discuss issues, concerning viticulture, gardening and hop growing and also government regulation details, including the state support system for the development of hop production, establishing of orchards, vineyards, berry beds and its control within the joint business event.

It bears noting that in some countries of the European Union, these industries have a united subsiding system, according to which budget funds are allocated by the following ratio: viticulture and gardening – 85%, hop growing – 15% and up to 5% from the total amount are directed to conducting of  scientific and technical researches and strengthening of the material and technical base of scientific institutions.

Unions are planning to discuss the following questions:

– breeding, seed growing and production of planting material, including import of the foreign young plants;

– the development of Russian nursery-gardens;

– operations for establishing of plantings, management till fruit bearing (project works, preparing of soil and planting, fruit frame, drop irrigation systems etc);

– removal of nonproductive perennial plantings;

– construction of new refrigerators with controlled atmospheres;

– purchasing of fruit treatment lines;

– purchasing of machines (including imported) for conducting of technological operations in viticulture, gardening and hop growing.

Much attention of participants will be paid to production and circulation of low alcohol products of natural fermentation: wine, fruit and brewing beverages, cider, poire and mead, the division of the Federal law No 171 to three parts: wine, beer and strong alcohol followed by giving preferences to producers of low alcohol drinks of natural fermentation, made according to classical technologies from the Russian raw materials.

Representatives from the leading Russian scientific and research institutions will take part in the Field Day.

All interested are welcome!

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