The best malting barley variety is Ventina by “Berlin Program” (2016-02-16)

According to industrial malting and brewing trials carried out in Germany, the Variety Committee of Malting Barley Producers’ Union recommended malting barley variety “Ventina” for malt and brewing productions (selection company SaatzuchtJosef Breun GmbH& Co.KG).

Вентина Берлинская программа

In December 2015 the Federal Variety Agency accepted following malting barley varieties «Cervinia» and «Crossway» for the first time. Among them, the variety «Cervinia» (selection company Breun GmbH& Co.KG) was included in industrial operational trials of the next vegetation period.

The highest level of the achieved progress in selection of all above mentioned varieties is bears noting. In comparison with other varieties, crop producers managed to improve agronomical and technological parameters.

The decision of the Variety Commission is based on research results: tests for distinguishability, homogeneity, stability and serviceability I – III made by the Federal Variety Agency (analogue of Russian “Gossortcommission”), studying of crop anomalies performed by Regional Agricultural Department in Weihenstephan, pilot tests made by Brewing Research Institute in Berlin and also by the Department of Beer and Beverage Technologies of the Munich Technical University. Pilot tests follow operational industrial tests in malt houses and breweries in different parts of Germany, estimated next year.

In parallel to already known characteristics, at first, Variety Committee estimates technological parameters of varieties during its processing in malting and brewing productions.

The Variety Committee of the Union of Malting Barley Producers consists of representatives of institutes, agriculture and well-known malting and brewing plants.

The aim of the “Berlin Program” lies in rapid market promotion and acceptance of allowed malting barley varieties in order for all participants of the “malting barley” chain to have an opportunity for using selection achievements.

Detailed research report “Berlin Program”.

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