Mordovin VS Katunin: apologies were accepted (2016-11-14)

Dear Yuri,

I received a letter from November 8, 2016. I’d like to notify you that you apologies are accepted, so quote “I’m sorry”. Moreover, I appreciate that you took the first steps for normalization of our relations.  

I’m surprised with your proposal to take part in the intellectual duel with you in order to define “a leader in beer”, who knows more about beer. Taking into account a 20 year experience in agriculture, I made a long way, including alcohol wholesale at the Mytishchi market in 90s. But thanks to the German contacts, raw materials producers, I soaked myself in the brewing industry and in agriculture.    

Everything connected with malting barley, malt, hop and beer ruled my activities. In order to study in detail industry problems, I had to gain insight on the key issue – “beer”. My first contacts in this direction were Berlin Brewing Institute (VLB): we’ve been conduction conferences for Russian brewers and raw materials producers for many years (2006-2010). From this moment, an original German book «Technologie Brauer und Mälzer» of Wolfgang Kunze with an authograph of the author became a home guard in my table. 

And a well-known VLB project “Berlin program” was a basis of the scientific research paper “Vertical synergy of agrobusiness – an analysis of production and process malting barley chain in People’s Republic of China” – a keystone of “Beijing Program 2012 – 2017” a co-project of our Union and Grain producers’ Union thanks to which there will be an epoch-making event in 2017 – Russian grain export to PRC.

Also I took training in the Scientific and Research Centre “Weihenstephan” of the Munich Technical University and got a certificate of the brewing expert. But I’ve never tried a shirt of a beer leader for size, because there are more respectable persons, for example, members of our Expert Council or Expert jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO”.

I’m sure that you, Yuri has much information to share with many visitors of our annual Grain Forums and Field Days and I’d like to invite you to take part in our professional Trade Fair BevialeMoscow 2017.

Moreover, I can recommend you to my German colleagues – Independent Brewers’ Union in Germany to include you in the expert jury of “ROSGLAVPIVO” and further European Beer Star.

My aims are of another direction, they are global and political, for example to bring to a conclusion Russian hope renewal and to increase a subsiding rate to the level of Russian wine makers, to complete with the Government support system of agricultural exporters etc. 

Yuri, there is a good quote :

You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. Frank Zappa


You can’t be a real brewing industry unless you have your own professional exhibition and competition. It helps if you have some kind of brewing productions and experts, but at very least you need an exhibition.

So, dear Yuri, I invite you and those who “loves” and “hates” our activity, all Russian and foreign participants to cooperation in.

Beverage Trade Fair BevialeMoscow;

brewing competition “ROSGLAVPIVO”;

Besides, “ROSGLAVPIVO”, including the Expert jury – Russian and foreign experts shall be “leaders in beer” in our country.

Our industry is very large and one person is too little to be the Key figure, dear Yuri! 

You know, Yuri, that such famous people as Wolfgang Kunze have never strive for glory and he will always be a common  Brauerei-Ingenieur but, no doubt, a great person in our memory and history. 

P.S. No doubt, working together, we’ll have many chances to demonstrate our intellectual minds as you ask, but anyway, for boxing we have different weigh class.

But as for callings in Facebook to replace boxing to paintball, I stopped to play fray when I was 10 years old and began respecting fire weapon. Besides, I was invited to famous Izhevsk by the President of Udmurtia Solovyev A.B. There is a shooting gallery within M.T. Kalashnikov’s museum where I had to vindicate honour of Moscow guests towards Izhevsk citizens for many times (ПМ, ТТ, АК-74).

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